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Maca Root – An Herb For Grumpy Old Men (And Women)

October 12, 2018

Nutrition & Supplement

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We all know that as men age, our testosterone levels decline. The decline is usually gradual and often goes unnoticed except for the realization that it’s harder than normal to get out of bed on Monday morning after working in the yard all weekend. Or perhaps that romantic getaway with your wife or girlfriend just seems like more work than fun. Or, worse still, the unexpected opportunity for sex arises, but you do not.

Now the reasons for reduced rates of recovery from exercise and reduced sex drive are not entirely due to declining testosterone levels, as other hormones such as human growth hormone (HGH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), are also involved in a synergistic way.

Everyone is familiar with Viagra, the most profitable pharmaceutical drug ever produced. Viagra works its magic by directly inhibiting the breakdown of an enzyme responsible for smooth muscle relaxation. The resulting vasodilatation (expansion of blood vessels) then enhances any erection which may occur with sexual stimulation. It’s all very mechanical really, and while it certainly works, it has no lasting effect on libido or physical strength and stamina.

Are there any herbs or natural supplements that can help flagging sexual function in the way Viagra does? The answer is “yes” but with a few stern caveats.

There is only one natural substance I know of that has aphrodisiacal effects as direct as Viagra and that is the herb Yohimbe. To quote information from the Sloan-Kettering herbal database, yohimbe’s effects are due to: “... Blocking of alpha2-adrenoreceptors results in increased blood supply to cavernous body tissue. Yohimbine increases catecholamine release in peripheral tissues that is unrelated to sympathetic stimulation. Aphrodisiac activity of yohimbine may be caused by its dilation effect on the genital blood vessels, and the enhancement of sensation to genital tissue and an increased reflex excitability in the sacral region.

Although yohimbe certainly works, (yes I have tried it) but I do NOT recommend it due to potentially serious side effects such as dangerous increases in blood pressure, increased anxiety, seizures and a host of other dangers. Again, it is instructive to refer the list of adverse reactions listed on the website mentioned above.

Despite yohimbe’s effectiveness in promoting ” solidarity”, if you will, I have to say it made me VERY uncomfortable. Like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Anxiety and love- making are never a good combination.

What about herbs or supplements that may address the underlying reasons for the physical and sexual challenges faced by the aging man? Any help here?

Yes indeed, there is. In fact there are quite a few herbs with a long history of use in promoting male sexual health and vigor. Among these are ginseng, damiana, muira puama, catuaba, horny goat weed (well duh!), suma, cordyceps mushrooms and maca root, among others.

An entire book could be written on just the few herbs mentioned above, and there are many I have not mentioned which may be just as effective. Therefore I am going to focus on one herb in particular, maca root, because it has a large body of research literature supporting it’s use, it appears to be quite safe, as it is used as a food in parts of South America, but mostly because of my personal experiences with it.

I’ll tell you a little story… One of my passions is developing and formulating new nutritional supplement formulas. I was asked by a friend, who was bodybuilding, to formulate a powdered supplement to be added to protein drinks to help with recovery from exercise.

Well, the first test batch contained creatine, L-glutamine, beta-ecdysterone, and a few other natural goodies, including maca root extract. I called it APAC, short for Anabolic Protein Activation Catalyst. This first batch tasted awful and yet EVERYBODY loved it… because it worked. I was taking it myself and put on several pounds of muscle in short order. I went from about 145lbs to 155lbs in 6 weeks.*

I also noticed, and couldn’t help but notice, a dramatic increase in my sex drive. I attributed this to the synergism between the several components of the mix and went on trying different combinations of ingredients to find one that was palatable. The palatability part was never resolved as more pressing projects were brought to the front burners and the APAC project was put aside. In the course of testing different variations of the formula, I determined that it was most likely the maca root extract that was responsible for my increased libido. In fact, I am sure of it.

So how does maca work? Well that’s the curious thing. Studies have shown it undoubtedly works to improve sex drive and ability in both men AND women, yet it seems to not affect what we regard as the sex-controlling hormones such as testosterone, FSH and LH. Speculation is that the receptors for these hormones may be affected in a positive way.

So how best to take maca?

There are many extracts out there on the market, usually at a 4:1 concentration in pill form or as a liquid tincture. Most of the herb and supplement companies referenced below offer maca formulations. Personally, I prefer to use a concentrated powder, which I bought in bulk a couple of years ago while doing my APAC testing, and I just mix it into a protein shake, in a blender.

Dried, un-concentrated maca flour is also available at many health food stores nationwide, and it may be used directly as a food.

I encourage you to treat herbs with respect, especially herbs with powerful medicinal properties. Proceed with caution and stop using the herb if you notice any ill effects. It’s always a good idea to consult with a qualified health professional familiar with herbal usage before using any herb or nutritional supplement.

Natural Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction!

October 12, 2018

Nutrition & Supplement

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If you are looking for a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), you are not alone. The condition is estimated to affect as many as 30 million men. Many of these men are turning away from pharmaceutical remedies in favor of safer, more effective natural treatments such as herbs. This is generally due to the lower rate of side effects with herbal remedies.

Horny goat weed is a natural erectile dysfunction treatment from China. Legend has it that it was found when a goat herder realized his herd become more amorous after eating the plant. Recent studies have led scientists to indicate that this herb could be a natural Viagra. The herb increases nitric oxide levels in the penis, allowing tissues to hold larger volumes of blood. This combined with the herbs inhibition of PDE-5, an enzyme that blocks blood flow, makes horny goat weed is a potent treatment for ED.

Natural Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction!

Another herb has made waves as the Asian Viagra. Tongkat ali was dubbed with that name in a 1999 report of the New Sunday Times. The herb works in the body to naturally increase testosterone levels. As most of us know, low testosterone levels have been strongly linked with sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba bark is sometimes called the Brazilian Viagra. The herb improves blood flow to the genitals, especially the tissues of the penis. This results in fuller, more obdurate erections. It may also aid prostate function, indicating a potential use for ED that stems from prostate problems. For erectile problems related to decreased libido, catuaba bark may also be helpful as it naturally improves low libido levels.

Before asking your doctor for a prescription to Viagra or one of the other erectile dysfunction medications on the market today, you should give these natural treatments a chance. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results you will get with these herbs.

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More Than a Dozen Erection Boosting Herbs!


A little known secret that teaches you how to cycle your herbs so they help you achieve powerful erections each and every time you take them,

Benefits of Royal Jelly – An Alternative to Potency Pills

October 12, 2018

Nutrition & Supplement

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Have you seen those commercials that show middle-aged, graying men with a newly discovered twinkle in their libido-driven eyes? Sly smiles from coy women, motorcycles, guitars, pick-up trucks and hot tubs remind men of recaptured memories.

With Viagra sponsoring stock cars, as well as politicians confessing to “erectile dysfunction” on national television, America has embraced drugs like Viagra and Cialis that keep the romance alive. But what are these intimacy drugs doing to your health – and could the benefits of Royal Jelly be a much safer, healthier alternative to Viagra?

The Downside to the Miracle Drugs of Viagra

There’s an interesting irony to all of those advertisements inviting you to relive the exhilaration of the free love days of your youth. You must be healthy enough to have sex before you buy the product that makes it easier for you to enjoy sex. There is indeed an inherent risk in using man-made chemicals – regardless of the end purpose. Ironically, Baby Boomers take as much blood pressure medicine as prescriptions for erectile dysfunction.

Nature’s Prescription for Erectile Dysfunction

Thankfully, nature already had an erectile dysfunction cure long ago – in the form of Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly has long been credited with improving sexual function. Scientists at the New York Medical College found that Royal Jelly contains a complex compound which stimulates the sex glands of women and men by acting like a natural hormone. And underscoring that report are discoveries by French biochemists, who determined that Royal Jelly super-charges the treatment of sterility and sex organ insufficiency.

One of the reasons that researchers are so enthusiastic about studying Royal Jelly for treating reproductive organs is the volumes of scientific evidence that confirms what it does for the queen bee. Because she is fed Royal Jelly exclusively from birth, she enjoys a life span about 30 times longer than the most senior worker bees. And during that life, she lays millions of eggs, as many as 2,000 a day!

Royal Jelly is considered one of the densest, most potent sources of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in all of nature. It is particularly rich in all the B vitamins, especially pantothenic acid, which promotes fertility and healthy reproduction. Research results showed it was important in rejuvenating sex glands, increased sperm count and sexual function in both men and women.

Good for Intimacy – and Your Heart!

Here is where the benefits of Royal Jelly truly outweigh that of Viagra or Cialis: Royal Jelly is good for your heart! Royal Jelly’s “disclaimer” is that this potent natural cure can prompt your entire circulatory system to work better, including the most important muscle of your body: the heart.

Research has demonstrated the benefits of Royal Jelly in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia and heart disease. Royal Jelly boosts adrenal function, and the adrenal glands are what control heart rate. These studies show that regular use will return high blood pressure to normal. Scientists have also learned that the benefits reverse hardening of the arteries, and in fact, can produce a 10% to 15% reduction in cholesterol.

Move aside Viagra! Royal Jelly is a potent erectile dysfunction treatment that strengthens and regulates your heart. Indeed, nature invented the only heart medicine that has the “side effect” of cranking up your libido.

Rock Hard Erections – 4 Herbs That Can Give You Solid, Longer Lasting Erections Every Time

October 12, 2018

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Getting rock hard erections is extremely important to please your woman in bed. Unfortunately, a vast majority of men suffer with erectile problems all over the world. In US alone almost 18-20 million men over the age of 20 suffer with some of the other form of erectile dysfunction.

Though drugs like Viagra etc., can help you get harder erections, they are notorious for their unwanted and rather dangerous side effects.

There are some herbs and botanical extracts that have been used since ages to boost erectile function and libido in men. What is really great about such herbs is that they do not have any side effects.

4 Herbs that can Give Your Solid, Longer Lasting Erections

There are many herbs that can enhance your performance in bed but the best 4 include:

  • panax ginseng
  • ginkgo biloba
  • tribulus terrestris
  • horny goat weed


Ginseng is one the most well known herbs around. It has been used since 5000 years in China for treating various health problems and disorders. It is not just a great energy booster but also helps increase blood flow throughout the body. This is why it is extremely effective in curing erectile and libido problems in men.

Not only this, this herb also helps reduce stress which happens to a major libido killer in men. Thus, it is a herb that can help cure erectile dysfunction whether it stems form reduced blood flow to the penis or due to psychological causes like stress and depression.


Ginkgo not only increases blood flow to the penis but also helps boost the secretion of nitric oxide. Many men are not actually aware of this but without adequate nitric oxide in your body you cannot get an erection.

Nitric oxide is important to make blood vessels dilate so that they can open up and more blood can flow into the blood holding chambers in your penis resulting in a hard and firm erection.

Thus, ginkgo proves to be a great herb in enhancing sexual function in men.


Epimedium sagittatum or horny goat weed is a great sexual stimulant. It also helps boost the production of nitric oxide in your body to facilitate harder and longer lasting erections.<>

This herb is important since it helps enhance the production of the primary male sex hormone – Testosterone. This herb is extensively used in Indian and Chinese medicine to cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. It not only ensures rock solid erections but also boosts your stamina so that you can last longer in bed.


Though it is not possible neither practical for you to have all the above herbs separately, there are some high quality natural erection pills that combine the above 4 herbs and many more in a potent mix to help you overcome sexual dysfunction.

Such pills not only ensure rock solid erections but also boost your libido or sex drive. They make you last longer during intercourse and also boost your semen production so that you can enjoy massive ejaculations.

Over and above, such pills also reduce your refractory period so that you can get a hard erection soon after ejaculation. This can make you have sex all night!

Good quality pills are clinically approved and do not have any side effects.

Benefits of Anise – A Natural Fat Burning Food

October 12, 2018

Nutrition & Supplement

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Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of anise, how to best prepare it and how much you should use to get maximum benefit from anise – one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods. Anise, alternately referred to as aniseed and sweet cumin, is categorized as both a vegetable and an herb; it is part of the same family where you would find fennel, dill, caraway, and cumin. The leaves, seeds, and flowers of anise can be put into foods as well as different medications. The anise plant is tall and has small, feathery green leaves. The plant has white flowers and its fruit, which is frequently referred to as a seed, has the appearance of a ribbed seed. Ripened anise seeds are greenish brown or gray-green in color. Anise tastes somewhat like fennel with a hint of licorice flavor. offers the best CBD joints

Fat Fighting Benefits of Anise

The medicinal qualities of anise have been known to man as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Romans. Anise aids in the body’s digestion and fat metabolism. In the Middle East, India, and in parts of Europe, anise is used as a breath freshener. Acting as a mild expectorant, you will often find anise in cough drops and cough medicine. It also has a diuretic effect, allowing the body to eliminate toxins. Anise also acts as an antiseptic or an antispasmodic. The anise plant is home to some volatile oils, like: anethole, methylchavicol and terpenes, furanocumarins, flavonoids, phenylpropanoids, rutin, and sterols. Anise is also known to help a person regain equilibrium and reduce stress and tension.

Preparing Foods With Anise

Bakers make very good use of anise seeds, which are used to bake different types of cookies, including biscotti or springerle. You can also use them to bake breads or make sausages. Anise seeds are used to season curry and hoisin, and can also be the foundation for herbal tea. Just as in making any other infusion, to create an herbal tea using anise, pour a cup boiling water over the anise and allow it to sit for 5 minutes. Then strain the liquid and drink it. Once the plant is harvested, the anise seeds should be dried and then kept in a cool, dark location.

Anise seed in usually available in Indian spice stores and in the spice section of many grocery stores. Anise seeds are frequently used in Chinese cooking, where they are used to flavor poultry and to prepare foods that are supposed to simmer for a long time. You will also find anise seed in Chinese soups and bases. Star anise, a spice from China, is frequently used in place of anise. More powerful than regular anise, you only use about 1/3 as much of this spice. Distilled anise oils are used to flavor licorice.

How Much To Use

How much anise seed you require depends on what you are trying to cook. Keep in mind, you really only need a little bit to get the job done. How much you require to make herbal teas depends on which form of anise you use.

The following serves as a rule of thumb:
When using parts of a fresh plant, you will need ¼ cup.
When using dried anise, you need 2 tablespoons.
When using bark or seeds, use a tablespoon of bark, and twice as much seed.

Health products that invigorate

October 12, 2018

Nutrition & Supplement

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I cannot stress the importance of a healthy lifestyle enough. It is crucial to make health food and health products a part of your everyday life. Exercising at least three times a week is also essential since it has multiple health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol. For a short-term solution to chronic tiredness, I have compiled five ways to improve your vitality.

1. Ginseng: Ginseng is a slow-growing perennial plant with fleshy roots. This herb has been used by the Chinese for centuries as an energy tonic and many studies have shown that ginseng is able to reduce fatigue, increase memory and even fight off colds and flu! It also improves mental clarity, alertness and stamina. It is available in liquid or capsule form.

2. Guarana: Guarana is a woody, climbing shrub of the soapberry family. The seed of this berry contains guaranine (a chemical substance with the same characteristics as caffeine), which quickens your perception and helps with endurance-based activities. Guarana is an effective energy booster that is available in powder-, tonic-, tablet- and capsule form.

3. Magnesium: This mineral breaks down glucose into energy; so when the levels of magnesium in your body are low your energy levels can drop substantially. It also helps to regulate normal blood pressure- and blood sugar levels. Thus, if you want to boost your energy, increase your magnesium intake. You can buy it in powder-, tablet- or capsule form.

4. Spirulina: Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that contains chlorophyll. It is packed with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and protein. It improves your immune system and is packed with antioxidants to help your body fight against the onslaught of free radicals. This type of algae (available in powder-, capsule- or tablet form) is ideal for people who require a long term energy boosting solution.

5. Multivitamins: We all know that a multivitamin has various health benefits and improves overall well-being. Most of us don’t get all the necessary nutrients daily due to unhealthy eating, stress, smoking and so forth. Taking a multivitamin can assist in your daily nutritional needs, especially time-release tablets. Your body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamins/minerals at a certain time and tablets that release these compounds over a longer period allow your body to absorb more nutrients at a steady pace. Studies have shown that it improves energy, combats stress and reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Next time you stroll by a health shop, stop, and go have a look at all the wonderful health foods and health products that they have to offer. You will be surprised at the sheer variety and value of the products on the market today. When you make the decision to start a healthy lifestyle and combat fatigue the benefits will astound you. Feeling tired and sluggish doesn’t have to be a part of your life anymore, vivaciousness and invigoration awaits you. Include health products in your life. Next time you feel that afternoon slump creeping up on you, you know what to do!

Energy Drinks for Me

October 12, 2018

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All of us like to feel energetic and raring to have a go at life. However the truth for most of us is that we barely have energy to get through the day. With hectic life and work routines it is not surprising that we often feel fatigued and exhausted. This is reflected in our work, relationships and the manner in which we choose to enjoy life. You do have an option, choose an energy drink that not only refreshes you but fills you with wonderful energy.

What is an energy drink?
Energy drinks contain ingredients that charge your body up and make it feel dynamic and vital. Most energy drinks contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. They also contain natural ingredients such as gingko, guarana, ginseng, sugars and anti-oxidants. They can make you feel more focused than you have for quite a while. The special ingredients that some energy drinks include make them ideal for a beverage to be drunk during long hours of working, studying or partying. Some energy drinks may also offer sexual stimulants and facilitate an incredible sexual experience.

Choosing your energy drink
Energy drinks can be enjoyed in the middle of the day or at the end of it when you want to party. You can opt for drinks in a large range of flavors. Some are fizzy cola drinks, while others offer a fruity flavor of orange, mango or pineapple and still others flaunt exotic flavors such as passion fruit. Your choice of energy drink may be based on your favorite flavors and on the amount of calories you want to take in. Energy drinks also offer low calorie alternatives for those watching their weight.

Some energy drinks are full of anti-oxidants and cleanse the body of toxins and help it deal with free radicals in the system. The ingredients in such drinks have been used by people for centuries. A fine example would be energy drinks rich in acai berry. Drinks are enriched with vitamins and minerals to offer the body rich doses of the same. Most of us don’t consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables to provide us this nutrition and your energy drink will offer at least some. Regular intake of vitamins and minerals helps strengthen the body’s immune system and also helps keep your healthy and fit.

It is important for you to check the ingredient in any energy drinks before you are ready to buy it. This would ensure that you opt for drinks that are to your liking. Also you would be able to avoid those that make contain an ingredient that you may be allergic to. Energy drinks should not be consumed by pregnant women or by children. Many such drinks have a recommended dosage mentioned on the can or bottle. It’s a good idea to try a few energy drinks before you are ready to select your favorites. You may want to ask friends about their preferences in energy drinks or check out reviews online. On you can read up and buy legal and natural drugs. Get high on life with the best ingredients selected from nature.