Best Libido Boosters For Men – L-Arginine, Ginseng and Ginkgo

October 12, 2018


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Age affects you in ways more than one and it is not uncommon for men to experience a dip in their sexual appetite with age. However, this loss of libido is often followed with erectile dysfunction or impotence which can be a highly stressful experience for any man.

More and more men are turning towards natural cures to help them get over libido and erectile problems. The best libido boosters include L-arginine, Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba.

L-arginine is a not a herb but is an amino acid. It plays a great role in helping men get hard and firm erections and this is because it helps in the secretion of nitric oxide. One of the major reasons of erectile problems in men is reduced nitric oxide secretion. Nitric oxide helps penis muscles smooth out or relax. This is important for the blood vessels in the penis to dilate which helps increase blood flow to the erectile tissue leading to hard and firm erections.

Foods sources of l-arginine include meat like lamb, beef etc., dairy, poultry products, nuts, beans etc.,

It is because of the role l-arginine plays in your erectile function that it is often called the Nature’s Viagra.

Moreover, there are some herbs that can help prove highly effective in helping men get over low libido and erectile disorder. Certain herbs have been used since ages to boost male sexual function across the world. Such herbs are an integral part of Chines and Indian medicine systems.

One of such herbs is Ginseng. Ginseng has been used for almost 5000 years to cures various health disorders. Ginseng contains a compound called ginsenocide which helps build blood and sperm. Not only does it promote blood circulation but also helps reduce stress. Poor blood circulation and stress are some of the most common factors affecting libido or sex drive in men. Ginseng proves to be a highly effective libido booster and is used in a whole lot of male enhancement supplements and pills.

Ginkgo Biloba is another herb that can do wonders for male sexual function. It is essentially used as a brain tonic but one of its essential properties is that it helps promote blood flow throughout the body and to the genitals. Various studies indicate that men experience an increased sexual appetite when given ginkgo supplements.

Now such herbs and amino acids are being used to formulate all natural supplements for men that not only help enhance sex drive but also helps boost the production of testosterone without the side effects of testosterone therapy.